Has anyone gotten in yet?
I’d be interested to see how far it progresses.
Google has tried some social networking before and it never took off.
But, some are saying it might overtake Facebook.
If this is true, then this will give us a new way to Network with the markets we’re trying to target.
Just wondering everyone’s thoughts/opinions on the matter.


I was talking with an investor friend in the north east yesterday on the phone that informed me that he heard there is a new membership based real estate social network about ready to launch?

Anyone heard anything?


It’s OK. It’s nice because you’re able to weed out a lot of the garbage that goes along with Facebook. I don’t really see it taking off big time, but might serve as a nice compliment to existing social media outlets. Send me a DM if you want an invite.

Google has been trying to break into the social media pie for a while now and has failed many times.

I doubt it will be a game changer, facebook is king kong in the world of social media, and no one is touching them unless people get sick and tired of fb. The reason g is trying to do it (besides the obvious fact that social media has changed the landscape of how many interact on the web and even, to a degree, advertising on the web) is because facebook is trying to take a hard stab at g’s main search engine business model and PPC AD business.

I personally like fb’s PPC campaign interface much better than g’s (and much cheaper if you know how) and their fan page feature is awesome for businesses. I’ve been selling quite a few customized fan pages to businesses and they love them. You just can’t beat how your advertising messages go viral on them.

I heard about google+ but never had the chance to read reviews about it and its implications to the online community. Looking forward for more inputs about it.

I got invited to the site if anyone would like an invitation please post here and PM me. Once I send you the invite you can get in.