Google Ad Words

has anyone ever used Google Ad Words to generate business

There is a great company I recommend for generating traffic to your site/web site optimization/etc. It’s called M&H consulting and their phone number is 443-451-1883. They have a 1800 number that I can’t think of right now, but if you type their name in yahoo, you should find their website. They are great for online marketing.

ad words and overture have help me generate many more leads than any of my other marketing… My site has come up naturally now on MSN and this month so far MSN has given me more leads than google or yahoo… I hope that keep up… but if you have any other questions let me know… Google is much cheaper than overture.

I have used it for unrelated sites. Just keep an eye on your account and make sure you know what’s going on if you are budget minded, the fees can add up quick. If you are generating good leads from it and are able to make deals happen from the leads you get it can be well worth the money.

Btw, just googled this: galveston texas real estate

Jason, your site came up on 7th on the list on the right. :slight_smile:

good point rich… thats the other oddity about google, is that no matter how much you pay, they dont place you number one just because. I pay more but am ranked lower than others… very odd… Overture is straight forward, you pay the most you will be number one!

Ah internet now that’s a topic I love. Adwords are great if your copy is strong and your landing page is honed. Split test, split test, split test. Meaning try different copy and keep improving there’s some good automation tools in adwords to do this. I also invite you to work on your natural search engine placement. There are a lot of strategies out there. being at the top of a search like “sell [city name] home fast” is worth 100x’s more then the #1 sdwords placement. So I invite you to do both. There are strategies out there to get you to the top but you need to do A LOT of homework or hire a top notch SEO guy. Also when looking for SEO people becareful there’s a lot of BS out there of what can and can’t be done. Hope this serves you well. Good luck!


Gotta love SEO…I read and learn new stuff every day…

Rich is correct. Just be careful and set yourself a reasonable budget. Google AW doesn’t charge for impressions, but will make you pay per click and that can get out of hand if you’re not realisitc about your budget.

What is cool is how your ad can appear if you use Gmail and the mail you’re reading has those word “triggers”.


also becareful of people looking to get you out of the market using click houses or automated software. Make sure you track IP’s religously and report stuff most of the time Google will say to bad though. Also if someone really wants to get you out they can use all kinds of spoofing and proxies to click and diguise. Can get really expensive at $10 a click. Just know what you’re doing.

The other peice of advice I can give is make sure your ad is targeted like a lazer. You don’t want to be having people that search for “San Diego Foreclosure” and are looking for information on the proccess and how to buy, training or whatever. Can get very spendy as well.

Is there money to be made using adWords? Absolutely, but know your click through rate, conversion rate of those clicks to leads and conversion rate of your skillz to get those leads to closed deals.
Hope this helps.


I use AdWords for my other job as a special finance manager at a car dealership. It works great. They even have a setting now so you can set a monthly budget. It does not work as good for me as the daily budget, but at least it is there if you want it. I am working on my RE site right now, but when I am done I will use AdWords.

I used Google AdWords when they first came out in an unrelated business (online pharmacy) while I was in SEO/Internet Marketing industry. It works like a champ as long as your keywords are highly specific and precisely targeted. Spend the bulk of your time developing your most relevant keywords and have the landing page within your site coincide with the keyword, otherwise it’s just plain expensive. For instance, if you have a listing in Houston make sure your click-thru lands on the page that starts your Houston inventory. If I land on your Brownsville property page, I’m likely to say adios and you still pay for my visit.
I agree with the previous poster to set aside a portion of the AdWords budget and put it toward a good SEO. Been out of the game too long to make any referrals.
Good luck,