Good way to tenants?????

Anyone know of websites, databases, forums, etc… that are good for advertising for tenants, whether it’s rent or rent to own???
Any leads will be greatly appreciated.


Different websites work well in different areas. For me though, has been by far the best.

I agree that Renticlicks is good I already got a potential lead.
If you do not mind calling your tenants and doing the legwork yourself I reccommend using tenantstream go to they have a free 3 day trial. I think it is 89.90/month for lease to own leads and that includes rentals. I am using it and like it so far. I am not soliticing for them I just like the service for what it is and they guarantee to place a tenant or is free till they place one.

Good luck either way.

Hi all!

A good strategy that works wonders for me is to place classified ads on the Sunday newspaper.

Something like:

Why rent when you can own?
No qualifying, credit problems ok
Call me now for free consultation

I always suggest my clients/investors to start gathering a database of tenants. Reason is that it gives me more negotiation power.

Instead of looking for a home AND then looking for tenants I call potential sellers with:

Mr. X, I have 10 clients available to move to your home tomorrow if we can structure a Rent to Own deal. Have you ever heard of the rent to own strategy?

I also print flyers and have my nephew distribute them all over condos and apartment complex. With the above strategy my phone is always ringing and have a huge database of clients looking to own a home.

Hope that helps!

Diana Fontanez

Good ole always does the job.