Good Tenant/Landlord Stories

…sounds like Mike’s tenants!


No Keith, those are not my tenants. I’ve got two of my own losers right now. Tenant number one wants to sue me and tenant number two is a FREAK that belongs in the circus! They are both being given the boot!

I don’t need any more wackos!


And the beat goes on. Landlord Tenant stories will go on till the end of time. but how about a neighbor story. I live on a nice middleclass street. Nothing fancy, Not the hood , not the ritz carlton. But definatly not expecting to come home last Thursday to a man hiding in a minivan in my driveway with a gun in his hand. Only to find out 3 hours later that he was a cop after the sherrifs office swat team surrounded my next door neighbors house and arrested him for attempted murder. And the beat goes on …

Yes, I agree, these stories will go on until the end of time. A bunch of the problems can be solved with good management. Mike emphasizes that in his book…along with a couple other books I read on property management…the basics are → you really need to check people out. One lady on that MSN article says “The absolute worst experience we ever had was two college students referred to us by my husband’s uncle…”. I’m sure that dingbat woman (a) didn’t take the time to educate herself on how to be a landlord and (b) didn’t do a proper background check on the people. I don’t feel sorry for anyone whose problems are self inflicted, and by her going on a referral only and not doing a proper background check - that’s what she gets. But…the good news for us “current and future real estate investors”…is that those horror stories will scare off some of our future competition. =)

Ok…how often do you hear about a large, hungry pig that chases after the landlord? THAT MADE ME LAUGH. :biggrin “(The tenant) left us with garbage and tons of clothes throughout the house, holes in the walls, carpets destroyed and a large potbellied pig left in the backyard that was very hungry and chased after me.” – Rhonda Landlord

Can anyone say “pig roast?”