Good tenant applicant screening website?

Newbie here, hoping for some advice. I have two small investment properties and will be dealing with my first vacancy in a couple of months. I’m wondering what website some of you use to screen tenant applicants.

Also wondering if it is reasonable to ask applicants to pay the fee for screening.

Thanks in advance.


I would recommend having them pay for an application fee, which usually covers credit and/or background check.

If someone wants to move into my property I don’t charge them. I have a website in Minnesota that does free backround checks. As far as charging for an application fee, for what? Calling their employer and their last two landlords? You don’t deserve a fee for that in my mind.

Personally I think charging someone for a backround check is ok, but not an application fee. I use mncriminalscom or if they are not in Minnesota I use my best friend who is a pig, both methods are free.

You’re fine charging them, but don’t use it to make money. Charge only enough to cover your expenses.

absolutely it’s reasonable to ask the prospective tenant to pay the fee.

one site is don’t let the url fool you. it was originally for people trying the find the sellers of vacant houses but you can also have background checks done.

Thanks for your replies. I would like a screening website that will give a credit rating and any past evictions. I have read, from many sources, that it is wise to charge for the screening.

Any other opinions or references to websites would be greatly appreciated.

It isn’t easy being a newbie at this. But it is a learning experience.

Iron Range
I would not suggest to people to use a "pig ", in your words, for screening. That can easily land your friend in jail.

Is your best frind a swine pig or a fat and unorganized person pig?

I think he’s referring to the type of “pig” that has a gun and badge.

Pig or Piglet = Cop

I don’t know if you are like me and have pigs and piglets in your family, but they are not afraid to break the law. Since our identities are private I don’t have a problem saying what I do. But you are right I shouldn’t advertise piglet behavior.