good Ron Paul video

a much more level-headed politician than our current president…


Sigh… more common sense from Ron Paul.

Here’s another Ron Paul vid… a bit longer but worth watching… from 1988!

You would think that this interview happened last week, same story, different characters!

Question - In this interview, Ron Paul was predicting a depression in the 1980s the same way many people are predicting one today. But there was no depression in the 1980s, does anyone know what prevented the S&L Crisis from turning into a depression?

Also, propertymanager and those who believe in the collapse of the dollar, here’s something to think about: If you follow the story of the federal reserve, then you have to accept that these events were intentional, and the federal reserve croonies know what they’re doing. So the question is if they want the dollar to collapse, then what will replace it and how will that benefit the central banks?

Let’s face it, the matrix we live in is literally run by banks that control populations! If there’s chaos in the streets, FEMA camps (which are briefly mentioned in this 1988 interview), etc… how will that benefit the banks?

Some theories suggest that paper money will be replaced entirely with electronic money. Might sound crazy, but nothing these days is too crazy!