good responses for troublesome questions for the first time preforeclosure guy

I’m trying to foresee any problematic questions that a motivated seller might ask me and what my responses might be.

Let’s saying I’m going through my shpiel (sp?) and I end off with … “and sometimes the homeowners are just tired of the headaches we (or I) end up purchasing the home from them”

Let’s say later on through discussion (if I’m lucky enough to get that far), they ask me “How many other homes have you bought from people in similar situations? When did you start this line or work?” or any other question which im asked which requires a response to relates to how much experince I have doing this.

If this is my first home I obviously have no other experience, yet I claimed in my opening statement that in cases such like theirs we or I (depending how I want to come across) purchase the homes.

I have some other questions that I’m worried how I’d answer, but they elude me at the moment…will post when I gather my thoughts. Hope the above isn’t that poorly written.


[b]edit: Other questions -

  1. …so you want me to sign over the mortgage to you and give up all of my equit!?
  2. Why are you so inclined to help us?[/b]

Go to and look in their archives for what to say and not say to homeowners in preforeclosure. Alexis McGee has a lot of great free information on her site and her lists are really accurate (if she handles your state). Her CDs are very comprehensive and can give you lots of great info as well.

Good luck!

Heres what I have been saying not lying but not revealing any true number

“Well my company, on average helps about 4 out of 5 families in your situation. So we have a pretty good chance of helping you out here, wouldn’t you agree?”

You are in essence telling them that 80% of the times the deals go through so you give them a sense of security with no guarantee and answered in a round about way the numbers they wanted and got back to directing the conversation by finishing with a question.

I have answers to others also but I have to cu tthis short msg me if you need more