Hello everyone

Does anyone know of a book that teaches you how to negotiate all aspects of real estate.

And also a book on leasing with the right to sub-lease.

I don’t have the money yet to buy the expense courses


Go check out Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor and for negotiations…I really like Tom Hopkins and Omar Periu.
Hope this helps!


Thank You for the reply.

I’m looking for a book just on lease options.
“Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor” is not what I’m looking for.
That book is on general real estate, I know this because I have the book.

I will check out Tom Hopkins and Omar Periu.

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If you go to the main page of this website, scroll about halfway down, there is a place called “real estate books on investing”. There is a list of good books there on various investment topics. Also, read some of the articles, listed at the top on the main page, under “real estate investing articles”. There are some excellent articles there. And read the forums as much as possible. This website is a goldmine of information. Best of luck.

Rewgards, Tony.

There’s also a good starting list here…

Some have REIClub reviews and all have links to Amazon reviews. Hope it helps.

There are hundreds of book available in the market for the real estate. So it becomes really tough to recommend a particular book.

Real estate books are available in any good book shop or online. You can order them through internet on the many specialized retail sites. You can read book reviews and articles online before ordering one. Ideally buying online would be more logical.

I’ve read quite a few on lease options and Wendy Patton’s Lease Options and Subject To Deals book was the best as far as all the bases covered on the subject and accurate according to all the posts I read here from people doing these deals, and then the manual from gives you all the contracts and has a support forum that will help you with the deals.

Hi there.

I’m a big Bill Bronchick fan myself.
I always like to see the “legal” side of things because I want to be on the good side of the law myself.

Bill Vaughn had a good book
and i got my start with Dave Whisnant’s book. It really covered it all and is only about $40 or so


Anything by Wendy Patton, Vena Jones-Cox, Dyches Botiford

There are lots of books about real estate but the best book I have read about this is entitled Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money. This book is written by Dolf de Roos and Robert T. Kiyosaki. It deals about the foundation of why real estate is the best investment vehicle for a long-term investment strategy.

a better book is Swanepoel TRENDS Report 2010 you can seach for it

I recommend Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases by Martin Zankel. You can find it on Amazon.