good place to advertise your properties

does anyone know a good place to advertise your properties that you are wholesaling? i know about

Ever thought about craigslist?

yes thanks just posted it on there.

Rehablist really disappoints me when I am looking at homes for sale on there. Sometimes I think it should be called

As I understand it, RehabList gets one investor to “lease” a county or metro area on their web site for a fixed subscription price. That investor gets first dibs on incoming deals that other investors in the area want to post. Thus, any deals actually getting listed on RehabList has already been cherry-picked over once. But hey, if you can let go of a few thousand dollars of fixed cost per month that RehabList wants for a subscription, I guess you gotta cherry pick like a mad man to recoup that cost.

put an add - classified:

(555) 555-1212

only investors will understand it and call you.

I don’t understand it. :wink:

Tim and Lisa,
I have very good luck here:,, and All of these are free to post. You may not get a lot of hits , but the trick is to build up a contact list of buyers.
Both L2P and REE have loads of pro investors on them- lots of newbies too- but everyone is pretty serious.
You actually may have more luck with newbies than with investors. Seasoned investors always drive a harder bargain whereas a less seasoned may just want something to start their portfolio.
Check out my “no yellow signs” posting too. It works.

Kevin Robinson

These sites are FREE to post ads on as well>> (owned by Google),, (owned by eBay) and Some of these sites are starter sites and some of them get bushels of traffic but the main thing it’s a few more outlets for more exposure in addition to the above mentioned online sites in previous posts.

First place I would post would be google base and trulia. Then look for smaller sites that target a specific demographic.

Just my 2cents…craigslist is free and gets tons of traffic. Between Craigslist and pay per click targeting investors in my particular market, I built our wholesale buyers list to be quite large. Once you build your list to several thousand buyers, things get easier :cool

Best of luck!!

Have you ever thought about social networking services like MySpace and Facebook? A couple of days ago, MySpace just launched a new targeted advertising medium (since they just joined up with Google) and Facebook gives you the opportunity to post ads for free (at least, for the time being). May be something worth looking into…