Good phone conversation for pre foreclosures?

Whats best way to start phone conversation and build rapport when calling preforeclosures on phone?
Thanks, Paul

Hi, I’m looking for _____ … Hi ______ … my name is _______ with I Buy Houses.

I hate making these types of telephone calls… And I’m sure you’ve aware that your house has showed up on the [your county] county website as a house in foreclosure.

  1. Is the foreclosure a temporary situation…one where you will be able to…. come up with the… money… or are you going to …sell your house… before the bank takes it? (Sell) That’s exciting!

  2. I was wondering… Are you aware of your rights… regarding these issues? (You are) Terrific! / Really!

  3. Well I help people… in your situation… all of the time …and I can help you too… What time today would be better…. for me to come out… and discuss your options? ___________ or ___________? () Terrific

  4. Before I come out… there are just a few more questions… I need to ask about your house, is that okay? (It is) outstanding

A lot has to do with your intention. If you know in your heart you are trying to help the homeowner and that’s what you truly want, it will come across. If you just are thinking of yourself and dollars, it will be harder to build raport. If I approach people with the sincere desire to help, it usually works out much better.

reiauctions hit the nail right on the head. You need to be prepared to do everything you can to help the person that is in foreclosure either save their home or sell. You need to be sincere, empathetic and compasionate. These people are under incredible stress. Half of them think the sherrif will be by tomorrow to throw them and their family in the street.

My first approach is to find out if they are trying to save their home or sell it. I think that you will find that almost 95% want to save their home. You job is to explain their options to them such as forebearance, loan modification, public assistance, etc. You need to work with them and help them to try to solve their financial problem.

Most other investors are banging on the door to buy their house. If you work with them and slowly show them that they can’t afford the home when it finally strikes home that they will have to sell you have the inside track.

It is ethically important when they reach this decision that you treat them fairly. I generally try to help them get settled into a rental and often pay to have them moved. This does cut into my profit margin but I make it up by sleeping soundly at night. I also utilize these people for referral purposes to reassure new customers that I am not out to take advantage of them but to help them.

The other advantage is that I am often able to get forebearance plans or loan modifications in place and then buy subject to. This saves me the upfront money of having to bring the loan current. You need the owners cooperation to do this and by gaining their faith and trust they are often happy to assist you.

Maybe I am the dumb one here but arent we INVESTORS for profit… The last butt I wiped was about 20 years ago…

It isnt my fault these people got themselves into foreclosure. Sometimes it isnt theirs.

It is however our job to buy houses… Go ahead and play nicey nice… And I will get the contract… While you sleep at night… Snore Snore Snore…

I cant believe the comments tonight… the weak friggin remarks make me crazy…

Michael Quarles

I don’t think I will thank you for THAT reply.

Where are you from in CA anyway…Pumpkin Center, Weedpatch, Shafter?

It IS possible to be kind and caring and show compassion and be helpful while making a profit in the mean time.

Try it-you might like it.

^ :bs

^ :bobble

Glad to see I am making friends on the board… I speak to a lot of investors and the number one issue they have is that they dont know what they are…

Some Investors actually think this is a part time business… When you ask an investor what they do most say “Im a accountant, or teacher, or this or that” they rarely ever say “I am a Powerhouse Real Estate Investor” .

So my point and answer to your original question is to be direct and sincere have empathy and compassion but Get the Friggin Contract SIGNED.

Some of these people posting this crap on these boards and trying to sugar coat the business are not doing you any favors…

This is a tough business until you figure it out then its the easiest business to have…

Good Luck

Michael Quarles

Hmmm…how bad you must smell.

That was funny… A whole new meaning to “Chappy”

Hmmmm…if you ask me what I do for a living, I will tell you I am retired.

It’s nobody’s business where my money comes from or what I own.

In fact, I suspect that if you go around bragging that you are a powerhouse real estate investor, you are not doing much more than setting yourself up as a target to be sued by those who think that suing a rich victim is as good as winning the lottery.

(no hostility, Michael, I enjoy your notes)


Why even waste your time pretending like you’re sincere? Your sample phone conversation sounds completely phony. I have no doubt it has worked numerous times for you, but I can’t help but think how many deals you’ve lost because you came across like a used car salesman.


Hello Rob…

Welcome to the board… I see youre new… To all used car salesman out there I am confident he didnt mean anything MEAN… :bobble

As for whether the script works or not it does and works well… I havent tried a wimpy script as this one produces great results… Best year was 226 transactions… Hows your script performing?

BTW it does come across as sincere… It also is a very controlling script which as an investor we must always be in the position of control or we are liable to lose money…

Good luck

Michael Quarles
AKA Used car salesman

I’ve been lurking on this site for quite some time but never felt compelled to post until now. I wouldn’t doubt it if you told me you’ve done 1,000 transactions in a year. I imagine persistence has more to do with your success than the transparent sample phone conversation you posted. If you don’t want to sound like a used car sales man, let the conversation happen naturally. The car will sell itself. I’m sure your strategy works, but I think mine is more effective. People skills aren’t something you can really teach though, so I guess use whatever works best for you.

What you’ve been Lurking… you’re telling me is that I persuaded you to do something you wouldn’t normally do… I guess my people skills do work if you happened to use my previous post to post your objection… Hummm

This reminds me of the time… Never mind…

Maybe you should go practice your made up, spur of the moment, call script… Make sure you include embedded commands, that you pace your prospect and that you mimic them when possible… It helps to be energetic and if you can stand up while chatting with them it works a lot better… Maybe that is too much exercise for you…

One more hint, write their name down on a scratch pad or napkin and don’t forget to get their telephone number. Address to the property is important too…

Which book did you read that in?

I have no doubt that you could teach me a lot about this business. In fact, you’ve probably forgotten more than I know. When it comes to working with people, I imagine the way you perceive yourself is much different from the way others actually perceive you. Don’t worry, it’s not that unusual.

Nope, my perception is fine… when I look in the water I see fish and frogs…


BTW, I read your “How to Buy and Sell a House Every Month” article and must say that you come across much better there. I actually agree with much of what you had to offer in terms of cold calling. Maybe you just had a bad day yesterday.

Not a bad day but I like firing up the boards a little… they get too bland… Besides I already know how to buy houses and figure people want honest straight talk.