ANY one know of a good and honest note buyer nationwide ?

AS the one i have been useing is gone away as his supply of money has run dry for a while

Looking for a note buyer who will buy notes at any point in the note with the least amount of discount

Thank you for all the help

So if I understand correctly, you’re wanting a note buyer who doesnt have a seasoning limit? How about a simultaneous note purchase? This means that the note is sold at the day of actual property closing.

Most note buyers require 6 month seasonings but a few can do with only 2.

Are these notes that you need purchased for buyers of property you want to sell or your own personal notes from property purchased? If the later, this would be a problem as you have discussed openly that you have been credit challenge and usually buy with no money down (invested interest).

A good and honest note buyer will require that the person on the note have decent credit and some type of invested interest.

I know there will be some time needed where theclient has been paying but the lowest possible

As well yes some one note buyer who will buy at close would be very nice

This would be for when i sell a property or when i would be buying with money down and some seller funding ( the note )