Good market?

What is a good market to pickup a small multifamily (this will be my first investment) assuming I have a 20-25k down payment, and would like to be able to secure a monthly net cash flow off the property?

There are tons of markets…where do you live now?


Japan, China, or India

I live in South Florida, and while the market is good it is too expensive for me to get in.

I suggest you define “good” Angelina Jolie would be a “good” girlfriend. But if you can’t get to her it is irrelevant. Is the market good because sales prices are going up rapidly? That means it is a good market for those selling real estate. Judging from your question it appears a good market would be one that at the price of they type of multi family property that you can afford, the rents are high enough to make you a profit.

I believe that real estate is local, and if where you are does not match with your investment strategy, you should go where it does or change your strategy to match what is available where you are.

There are markets where $20-25K can BUY you a duplex. The question is, do you want it?

As Blue said, you need to pick a market that fits your strategy or change your strategy to fit the market.

Here for example, $20-25K would buy you 1/2 of a decent duplex even at retail value.


That is what I’m looking for… a market where 20-25k would buy half of a duplex in a somewhat decent area.

The MLS here has at least 15 duplex for $50K or less…some are OK, some not so good…I guarantee that they all cashflow though! They probably rent for at leat $400-500 for each unit.

For example, this is one (for a little more) that my Realtor has listed…I know that the landlord gets $550 for each unit.


Thank you for the link, perfect.

I was watching House Hunters © on HGTV last night and watched a woman spend $550k on a 1 bedroom apartment in New York city. That reminded me that money is NOT the same everywhere. $550k will buy you a 4000 sq ft house with land just outside of Philadelphia. I am out here trying to buy up properties and working my job and for that matter I spent 7 years in college to live the lifestyle of a rich person. I could live average without going through all this hassle. One thing to take into consideration is that the cost of living in the northern Louisiana area is 20% less than in South Florida. The weather is just as nice and there are tall pines and lakes everywhere. The average home in southern Florida where you are is $440k while the average house in northern Louisiana is $170k. You can sell your house move there and get a mansion. Remember it is not the money it is the lifestyle. You may want to move there and live like a rock star in a truly good market.