good mail list company?

Looking to get a mail list for postcards -

Any recommendations out there of a good company to use?



If you just want a mailing list the “White Pages” will do fine, now if you want a mailing list to contact specific property owners, then you would need to ask that question pointing out who you want to contact.

John $Cash$ Locke

Alrighty then.
I’m looking for homeowners; vacant props, out of town owners, those will less than a specified income level.

Any recommendations?

Any particular state/county in which you are looking for mailing list?

Those lists are typically pretty narrowed down in scope and they are priced according to specifics about who your target market is.

I have not tried these vendors yet, but looking into them.


You do not have to buy the mailing list from them, you can just provide them your own list and they will perform mass mailing for you.

oh, okay. gotacha. thanks,

Baltimore City and Central Maryland areas (counties surrounding Washington DC) is what I’ll be targeting.

I’ve never used a direct mail campaign before so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

these should get ya started but definitely call em and talk to them they can work out custom plans and stuff

hope this helps

After viewing the sites that that Trupah listed, I think they are some very good sites.

Are you a realtor?

If so you can log onto MRIS and go to the tax info section and put in your areas, absentee owner (yes/no), specific developments, etc.

Then you can have it print out info in different forms (property address labels, mailing address labels, full listings, etc.). You can put those avery address lables into the printer and they will line up perfect. I like to hand address mine though so I just print it out on plain paper and attach a sample of the piece I mailed and the date so I can keep track of what I sent to who!

That is how I do my mailings and I can design my mailing list very specific down to streets and neighborhoods!

Good luck. If you aren’t a realtor, maybe you could make friends with one close to you and they could do it for you. It only takes a few minutes. Any more questions just post or e-mail me.

Real Quest has been very solid for me…$50 a month for foreclosures in Chicago’s biggest county…Some time the system will lock you out and you might lose a day and have to start the next but overall I think it’s decent

I don’t know of any right off the top of my head because I’m trying to get some good mailing companies myself. If you would go back and read some of the post there are some companies that have been listed. I’m going to check some of those out to see how they are. I hope that I was able to answer your question.