Good Lease Option Book? (Not tied to a seminar!!)

Looking for a good Lease Option book, etc. that gives
one the ‘nuts and bolts’ on creating LOs.

Seems like most of the stuff I come across is just
a ‘teasing front-end’ trying to get you to a more
elaborate seminar on the back-end.

If anyone has any good suggestions for a pretty
thorough book, audio, DVDs, CDs, etc. it would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

…highly recommended for Lease Options.

I’ll second Naked Investor.

I’ll third that suggestion. I read it last week and am now hitting up all of the FSBOs in this state trying to lock down deals. His material is to the point and helpful.

I would check out Ron Legrand Lease Options cash flow system and Wendy Patton Lease Options & Subject-to Deals…you can find it on for like 15 bucks.

Income for Life by Rob Minton.

Thomas J. Lucier
“How To Make Money With Real Estate Options” :deal

Best wishes :beer


Income for Life by Rob Minton.

I’d bet that this is pretty basic and touts his $35,000 real
estate agent system…and I don’t even own it.

You’d lose the bet, then. Isn’t this thread titled “book NOT tied to a seminar”? Rob Minton is a local real estate broker that focuses on investors using lease options. His site is…

You'd lose the bet, then

Not likely.

I took a couple of minutes to research those that
have purchased and read it.
You can take their word for it by reading their reviews.

Besides, that website of his you listed links to teleseminars and
also links to his Free Report…which promotes his wallet buster $35,000
training system.

You have no clue what you are talking about, and yes, you would lose the bet. There was ONE review, and that from somebody who wrote their own book on lease options who wants you to buy their book from Amazon instead of Minton’s…so who are “those” that purchased and read it? You mentioned “their”…that’s plural.
I received it for free, btw, from his brokerage. I also don’t know where you keep pulling this $35,000 “wallet buster training system” from. Nothing in his book or investment strategy, or website you claim to have visited even closely resembles anything along these lines. Let me repeat…there is NO 35k training system to purchase…in his book…on his site…in his home…etc!

Hate to burst your bubble, there bud, but I’m looking at the proof
on my office desk (I dug it out of the trash). So don’t tell
me I don’t know what I’m talking about.
I’d be glad to take a pic and load it up for you (and all to see).
You’re not going to find anything on public internet searches
concerning this.
Know why?
Because it’d be a hard sell to inform someone and try to pry
$35,000 at this stage. Instead, he sends out a “free” sales packet and about 10 pages of copied checks.
Right towards the end of the sales packet is where you’ll find
the $35,000 offer.
This isn’t even mentioning the $597 per month “continuing services fee”.

But, as you say, I don’t know what I’m talking about. :rolleyes

And by the way…
I know the internet is hard to judge language usage, but I used
“their” in the possessive singular form. I wasn’t
concerned on the sex of the individual’s review, or I would’ve
used “his” or “her”.
Nice try, though.

Where’s your proof?

Oh, and to those that are wondering what the $35,000 is for…

It’s to secure a certain area/market to make sure you’re
the only one in that respective area/market that gets his
specialized real estate agent training.

Seeing that you have the same “Free” info packet that
I have, you should see this.
But for some reason you’re overlooking it.
People don’t send out free information for nothing.
Yes, you got the info @ no cost to you, but it was
sent in hopes of you sending him and his company some $dough$.
If you don’t on your own, they’ll have a nice lady calling you.
Ask me how I know.
And you’re still saying he would only send this out for the hell of
Not likely.

Think about it…

Um…you are looking at the offer for REALTORS / BROKERS to secure a franchise area of the country…and not the average Joe investor without a real estate license…what 99.9% of those who read the book are. I mean, come one…it’s right there “ARE YOU A REALTOR OR INVESTOR”. Income For Life is another lease option SYSTEM book that does NOT try to solicit other realtors / brokers to secure areas for $35,000 as you mistakingly stated, but focuses on the investor. You picked the one area on the site that you shouldn’t have (unless you are a broker or realtor) and focused all of your rantings about the book on it. If you are a realtor / broker, and want to “franchise” Minton’s system for your area, you would click on what you quoted. It does not apply to the average investor. It really would help to know what you are talking about “bud” :biggrin

BTW…I’ve never received a phone call from them after the book was sent…and the download you mentioned was for REALTORS…not average investors. Try clicking on the “quit work someday” icon for those who are NOT realtors…what the book was intended for.


Wasn’t it you that posted that he doesn’t offer that in any of his materials?

I received it for free, btw, from his brokerage. I also don't know where you keep pulling this $35,000 "wallet buster training system" from. [b]Nothing in his book or investment strategy, or website you claim to have visited even closely resembles anything along these lines. Let me repeat...there is NO 35k training system to his book...on his his home...etc![/b]

And now you’re finally admitting that he does.
This was my point from the get-go.

I’m not ranting on the book, or even Rob Minton, for that
I’m “ranting” on what you’ve posted, and stating
that I don’t know what I’m talking about.
I’m not mistakenly crossing the book and the $35k up, either.

This 1, and only, review from Amazon --you’d think there would be more, if it was so good, you’re
saying this statement isn’t true?

“That said, be warned that this book is essentially a sales pitch and publicity vehicle for Mr. Minton’s real estate brokerage, and real estate agent system businesses. While I am a big fan of the rent-to-own investing technique that the author espouses in his book, I wish that he spent a lot more time writing about “how to do it” rather than writing about “how great it is.” I finished the book thinking that if I were a complete novice (which is exactly the audience that the book purports to address itself to) I still wouldn’t have much of a clue as to how to actually begin an investment plan using the technique discussed.”

and this one from Barnes & Noble:

“Dont Buy this book
I bought this book directly from the real estate comapany that the author runs and it is a joke. All he wants you to do is buy this book then join his membership program to get any help with implementing the system. What they fail to tell you is that you need a lot of money to get started in the program”

Given the # of reviews (or lack thereof) and what they have to say, plus
you’ll find a good # of them used (meaning they weren’t worth keeping)…
yeah…sounds like an awesome book for folks to spend their money on.
Thanks for the recommendation! :rolleyes


Wasn’t it you that posted that he doesn’t offer that in any of his materials?

sigh We were discussing the BOOK. If you can’t read, the title of this thread is “good lease option book…NOT tied to a seminar”. You kept stating a “$35,000 program” was tied to the book…which it is not. You are baiting and switching this entire discussion.
That review you posted was a farce. Obviously the “reviewer” didn’t read the book, as it does NOT state you need a lot of money to get started in the program. The person obviously doesn’t know how lease options work, and failed to see how it was implemented from the book.
While Minton does try to garner your business to his brokerage if you are interested in investing in NE Ohio (what successful business person does NOT do this?), the book does show the basic lease option system (in detail)…what the OP asked. No $35k program is attached to the book!

Bait & switch?

It was you who said he has NO reference of the
training program in
ANY of his material (website, book, “in his home, etc.”).

I’m not one to knock the hustle, and I agree with you that
it’s good business practice to offer other programs and
incentives on the back end.

Yes, I can read. I noticed the original topic of discussion is, “Good Lease Option
Book (Not tied to a seminar)”
Your recommendation doesn’t fit, for obvious reasons.

But to be fair, let the people decide if it’s a good LO book or not.
You, obviously, think it’s good.
So be it.
I could care less about any of it.

Your recommendation doesn't fit, for obvious reasons.
THE BOOK IS NOT TIED TO A "SEMINAR". There is NO SEMINAR. If you haven't read the really can't comment on it, can you?

We are going around in a giant circle here…time to lock this thread before we waste anymore time. Some like Minton, some don’t. Read the reviews, if you want to spend $15 or so on the book do so, if not skip it. Locked