good income, bad credit, where do i turn

I have a very good income, a lot of money saved and bad credit.
I am looking to buy a home in California (where i live).

I would not even qualify for a car lease :frowning: . Please help

You could look for owner financing or a subject2 property.

Also, get with a credit repair service to clean up your credit.

one thing i heard that will help your credit asap is dont have more than 33% of any credit card used up, dont cancel any CC’s you 've had more than 3 years, dont do anymore CC inquiries (dont let anyone run your credit for a while).

Umm… you’ve got money. Pay off all the judgements and debts. Your score will shoot up.

Don’t cancel the cards. Pay them off, cut them up, burn them, so you can never use them again, but leave the accounts open and on your credit report. The older the account is, the better it helps your score.