Good Housing News??

I’ve seen on the “Financial” channels that the housing market has improved. They’re saying that sales are “up”. Are they including forced sales due to foreclosures/ REO’s? I mean if even a part of the data includes them, wouldn’t that skew the data in terms of “good” or “bad”??

In our target market, I’ve noticed certain price ranges of homes selling well while others just seem to rot on the MLS.
It sounds like someone trying to show housing improvement/recovery based off that recent bump in sales.

Read this on MSN Money:

Why surge in home sales is bad news.

Yes, a few bargain hunters have stepped up and put a dent in the housing glut. But the cycle of foreclosure sales and falling prices is wreaking havoc as it works its way through the economy.

From what I read the Banks are looking to unload for whatever the market will give them in certain areas.

John $Cash$ Locke