good hard money lenders

could any of the members recommend a good hard money company for my investments.
thanks pat

Are you needing short term funds for rehabs?

Will you be selling the properties or keeping for rentals?

Is 70% ok or do you need 75%?

I would be purchasing these properties to rehab and sell. I have been looking for a good hard money lender that would honestly work with me. I will go to your website and give u a call.


For another point of reference…

Have you tried the investor resource section on this site?? (Look to the left) It is loaded with good leads.

Just a reminder of forum rules. i.e. No Referrals - do not ask for referrals for a specific need; “How do I find” is okay versus “Can someone recommend”.

The previous poster was correct int hat we have the investor network ads, local providers, etc. on the left.