Good Free Rent Promo

I didn’t think of it myself; I just saw it on Craigslist.

Some one offering free rent: half a month free the 3rd month and half the month free on the 9th month.

It occured to me to offer “Rent Includes a Good Christmas Present” 1/2 rent in December, and of course, you would have to specify that the promo applied to tenants who didn’t celebrate Christmas, too. Be PC.

that sounds like a good idea to me. I would think that it would make the tenants want to stay there for that duration of time just to get that discount. catchy

Wow!! Very good technique. It works fine no doubt.

Sounds like a great idea! I have a one vacancy now that I need filled before the Ohio winter comes…I will give it a try!

Another good twist on that is to amortize it over the course of the lease. Say it’s 1 month free on a 13th month lease, you give them 1/13th off each month. :beer

Also, I would think if you worked a performance clause in there (they have to fulfill the 13 month lease) and they broke the lease early, you could recoup that portion if you were trying to sue.