Good Deal in New Jersey?

Hey guys, just some quick advise if you have a minute. I have a house that’s worth $300k as is, have negotiated a $235k sales price, house needs about $5k in work, but no nessessary to live in. Hoping to flip this one for $265k to a qualified buyer. See anything wrong with this other than some might think I’m working for not enough money? I just want to get some deals done, so I’m willing to work cheap to learn. Thanks in advance. DAVE

Hey Dave,

It sounds like you have everything under control. Since it is a short sale, how do you plan on selling it for a profit? Do you already have an end buyer? Let me know if you need any help.

It’s not a short sale, it’s a private owner that I found and wants to sell the house. I don’t have an end buyer yet. I have to get the contract back and then start to advertize for the buyer. How should I market this house and at what price to make a quick profit? Thanks. DAVE