How can I find a good, HONEST contractor in Atlanta, GA?

Thanks in advance

good luck…i’m in atlanta too and have the same problem…let me know what you find…

What’s the problem? The GOOD or the HONEST? Or both?

Too bad…you guys should come to Texas!

be careful for what you ask for … a good contractor will cost you money ( because he is a perfectionist and creates a great final product) which minimizes your profits… an Honest contractor will cost you money ( he’ll let you know up front or as the projects develops what needs to be done and at what cost to make it right ) which minimizes your profits , because both of these scenarios require additional out of pocket cost .

AS in ANY business, it is essential to develop relationships . This to applies to the RE industry !!! Ask freiends , assoiciates, family and neighbors for any insight or references to someone in the industry. Give them a set list of what you would like to accomplish at your property and have them give you a firm price !!! NO time and material pricing !!! Keep in mine , unforeseen situations pop up and should be dealt with at the time with a set price to go forward .

Remember … a unfair contractor most likely was treated unfairly somewhere prior to you … be fair and equitable with them and hopefully they will produce a product that will give you great returns !!


Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. They have a list of contractors for each area and will gladly furnish that to you upon request. Secondly, once you’ve obtained that list…you can check their company out further at the Better Business Bureau. Good luck to you.


I’m pretty impressed with Service Magic’s contractor locator service in our area. Go to, and good luck.