Good Commerical Real Estate Investing book

A few people have asked me how I got started or how they should start in commercial real estate… and this is an easy to read resource that breaks down some of the basics behind the math.

How to buy and sell apartment buildings by Eugene Vollucci

It’s written a little promotional about how you can make a million in 6 years… but, the math and the explanation behind the numbers are very good for developing a basic understanding of real estate.

It’s a great book for broad brush strokes… it’s the first book I read about commercial real estate about 6-7 years ago, and I recommend it frequently.

Another great resource… you may giggle here… but a finance text book. There are even real estate finance text books out there. You probably have a left over finance book from college in the closet… check it out, they probably have a chapter on real estate.

At this point, your going to have a good working knowledge of how to evaluate an investment transaction… and be able to compare them more easily.

Hope that this helps.

oh, and ps… I’m not a millionaire, don’t own any property right now… took a break from everything… but, the experience that I had as a broker, and now a lender was/is invaluable.

It also helped me get my 1031 exchange site going in which, who knows I might try to do some 1031 tic exchange syndication.