Good Commercial Lenders

I’m in the process of looking for my first commercial property (Multiunit Apt) and will be gathering my capital togeter in a few months for the purchase. (Stock & Other investments)

Does anyone have a good commercial lender that they can reccommend? I would like to place 20% down if possible. Loan most likely under a million.

TIA, Glenn

Depends on:

Loan amount
Loan type (short term vs. long term, ARM vs. Fixed)

Every lender has a niche. Once you have a property in mind you should find what lender likes that particular niche.

Sound slike you have some time. Use it and shop around, I am sure you will find a good loan.

What you really “want” is a commercial loan broker.

Hi Glenn,
You would do good on talking with someone about the best type of loan. Good luck

Carol Wilson
Loan Consultant

Drop me an email.