Good banks REO listings in DC


Can anyone tell me which banks in the DC area have listings of REO properties? I’m having a difficult time locating any decent ones for the inner city. If anyone has any information on NoVa or MD as well, I would appreciate it.

I sugguest you visit your local bank and ask them for the NON-PERFORMANCE ASSETS list (same as REO list)

All banks have a schedule of non-performing assets which includes; delinquent loans and REO. You can use the FDIC website to screen for banks in your area with large amounts of non-performing assets then contact the banks of your choice for a specific list of their REO properties.

I appreciate your help. I’ve looked all over the FDIC website. I am still having difficulty finding reports for DC and surrounding areas. Any chance you have a weblink?

Here is where I left off:

If you can offer another link, I’d like to see it.