Good advice from one newbie to another

I notice that there a lot of folks just starting out (like me).

That’s fine, but I want to point out a fact, no one is going to spoon feed you. You know those posts that say something like help me I don’t know ANYTHING but I want to be rich tomorrow.

Ya know, the posts with no replies?

Advice for a newbie…SEEK out knowledge in books, magazines, and newsletters. If you can’t afford a book or two go to the library. I just finished a good book called “TAKE A MENTOR TO LUNCH” and this book by itself answered most of the questions I had and saved me and others plenty of time (Which we all know is money!). If you approach a potential mentor with some knowledge learned through initiative (I learned that investors call this Due Diligence) the more responsive and motivated they will be. Asking questions is fine but the effort is ours (Newbies) to put out. These guys are very helpful and kind, but your results will be multiplied if your research is your own. I guess I am just saying DO YOUR HOMEWORK! ;D

I don’t want to sound grumpy but I just wanted to put that out. This site is a great resource and I love it.

Did Robb pay you to say this or are you really Robb in disguise?

I personally love the posts that say “I have no money, bad credit, and no education…how can I get rich in real estate? And, oh yeah, by Friday or Saturday, at the latest!”


I paid him! LOL

Actually this is the first I have seen of this! Glad you liked it!

Hey, Robert,

Where does one go to purchase a copy of this highly acclaimed book?

First and foremost the main goal of me being on this site is not to sell my book. It is to help others grow in there investing world and offer my advice and to help TRandel and other moderators maintain control.

On the other hand I will e-mail you the info!

Here’s a thought. The people that make those posts are probably about to lose thier house. Offer to assume thier mortgage, give them a bird dog fee, and tell them they just became a RE investor!!!

As long as you can also lease option it to them and cash flow on the property! LOL that was a good idea never thought of marketing to them like that! Maybe we should market that Idea!