Gold? RUN

If you want to know if you should buy gold or not?

If that article isnt a sure sign of a top I dont know what is…

I assume that they have an armed guard with a machine gun standing by the machine?

What a great target for the folks who put a chain around an ATM and steal the entire machine. And what fun for the computer hackers.

I think it’s got a way to go before it finds the top. That said, I own no gold and won’t buy any. It’ll be a bargain someday, but not for a few years.

What things are you guys investing in then to help curb against inflation? Ill be making money for this next year and wont be ready for REI till then, and I need a place to put my money.

I guess I could buy energy stocks or whatnot, they seem pretty stable/low dividend. I do too have a feeling Gold will go down a bit here pretty soon, seems to me like its a little high. (although who knows)

Real Estate.

Seriously. Gold is a hedge against inflation, but you are buying a commodity that is already high. It would only be a good hedge if the stuff hits the fan. I am still buying stocks - mixed baskets of funds. I am buying housing. And I’m keeping cash.

Seriously though - the best hedge against inflation is education. I see you are working on yours. Keep your money in liquid investments and make sure you finish your education. I don’t just mean school - you are getting an education on here too. That money will pay off better than the short term return on any investment here.

Also, check out pharmacy school. It’s a 6 year degree, and you graduate with a doctorate. Starting pay right now is well over 100k/yr and a few years ago was mid 100’s. There are great options to work that allow a side job or extra hours like weekend option or an every other week rotation. If you want to get into real estate it would offer great starting capital and flexible hours to keep up on stuff.

My wife and a good friend both did this. The wife has a job where no nights, weekends, or holidays are required and she makes good money. The buddy is working weekend option which is 2 12 hour shifts each weekend. He has lots of time to do a second job.