Going nuts trying to find comps!!!

I have been trying to find a good place to get reliable comps. The best place seems to be realtors. The only problem is they either won’t do it or want way too much money($50 per comp sale or not). I told them I would happily pay a fee for comps that lead to a signed contract but no bites. The usual sites like Zillow and such are of no use in Canada which is where I am from.
If anybody has ANY ideas please let me know.


Agents want to charge you for comps? Was it their idea, or yours?

Where are you at? I have no trouble getting free comps from agents anywhere in Ontario.

I’m in Calgary. It was his idea. All the other realtors said they couldn’t help me until I sign a brokerage agreement. How do you get free comps?
Bruce :banghead

I just say: “I’m thinking about buying the house at 123 Some St., can you tell me what it’s worth?”

You can sign an EBA for 1 day with no holdover period so they can act in your best interests for that house.

Awesome! I’ll give it a try and let you know.

In what part of the country do you live? Here in NC i use CRS data as my primary comp source. also, listingbook, zillow, and others give you a good idea as to the value but nothing very accurate. I also use Propstream which is amazing but pretty steeply priced

My agent that I use for all my deals that go throiugh the MLS is happy to give me sold prices in any area. She knows she gets my business. I’ve even paid her to do my paperwork for my non-mls purchases.

I do not ask for an appraisal unless I have already decided to buy. It’s a lot of work to do one. Also, I know what property is worth in my area, so the agent’s appraisal is just to double check my best guess.

In fact, I usually only get her to do an apraisal if I am selling, and then the appraisal is extensive. Besides the comps, we go out together and look at other properties that are for sale in the area, so I can see what the buyers are seeing. Buyers compare offering prices. Comps don’t come into it until they hit the loan process.

I agree with Doug. I’m shopping for a home for myself and just ask. I already have a good idea in most areas but if I don’t I just ask. Try finding a really small company who may have a realtor more willing to work with you. Look for realtors at your local REIA who work with investors. I have a local paper that posts recent sales in my area and you may too. Ideally you want recently sold homes but a recently listed house that is similar might give you a good idea.

Hope that helps