Go Big Network is a Ripoff!

This is a shady company. We registered with them and canceled within 30 days, yet they still billed me for 3 months! They call and try to get you to upgrade and buy products, and when you cancel over the phone, they stll bill you! When you call them to confirm the cancellation, they say your account is ‘inactive’, but somehow it is always active enough for Go Big to bill you. That site is a waste of money and a ripoff. They do not refund!

Did you do ANY homework? I goggled them and in about 2 minutes found that out…or did you just say, “Cool” and gave them your money?

Google “Go Big Network reviews” or “Go Big Networks scam”


Yup…that’s exactly what I did! I am so rich that I never even think about it! Yeah…that’s EXACTLY how I do it…except I don’t say “Cool!” And Google? What’s Google? :banghead

mesbensen I don’t think that kdhastedt is trying to beat you up, but there are other people on here that need to be warned. For the benefit of the others on this site, how did you check them out before signing up? We might not be able to get you your money back but we may find out what check-out sites don’t work.