Give back and get free lunch!!

Hello everyone - My partner and I live in San Francisco and are investing in the Bay Area. We are on our way, packed to the gills with general information we’ve acquired through coversations, seminars, books, brokers, and all the like and are trying to acquire our first property through foreclosures. This is a plea, to an investor in the Bay area, who has/is successful in acquiring investments through foreclosures (particularly pre-foreclosures) who would like to share some knowledge about this particular topic, in this particular area. This is not a long-term mentorship request, simply a business lunch on us, one-time deal, for our thirsty minds…

This is such a unique market, and we really need some perspective on what we’re doing. All the books, seminars, ect in the world are very useful for the basic bones, but what are people really doing here?

Any leads to this request would be most appreciated. Thank you, Tamara

Im not in the bay area, but bet I know exactly what you need to do. Email me private. See profile and I will teach you a little something useful

I am in San Diego. Check out my post on this site.