Give an advise

hi everybody
I’m going to buy a new wheels. Wish to have a luxury model, but have no ideas what to choose… Can somebody advise me smth?

Since this is a real estate forum, I can only conclude that you’re asking what kind of vehicle would be appropriate for a real estate investor. My suggestion would be a pickup truck. Personally, I like the Ford F-150.


Ferrari Enzo

OH NO vehicle porn. What’s the world coming to.

I’ve been dreaming of an F-250, black. I love my F-150, but it’s getting old and it’s not intimidating enough for my tenants.

Something like this would do.

A big used van (pay cash for the best deal). I can haul a 9-foot couch in my Chrysler van. Or all kinds of yard sale dishes and furnishings. The 2 rear seats come out.