Girl 14 Sells Furniture Out of Foreclosed Houses
Here is a news story about a 14 year old girl tagging along with her real estate agent mother selling the furniture found in foreclosed houses.

She used the profits to buy a $100,000 house for $12,000.

So much for personal property evictions.

Wow, this girl is so amazing indeed! Her mother must have been proud of her,well…who wouldn’t?

Makes a good news story…but…if she had no legal right to the furniture she is in for lots of headaches…all states have certain rules and regulations that MUST be followed BEFORE you can dispose of some else’s goods and property. It is simply called Due Process.

What is hers and her mother’s response if one of the foreclosed owners shows up and wants their property?

Considering it’s Florida…more than likely any deadbeat who is foreclosed on, and leaves furniture behind, loses any and all claim to their furniture relatively quickly. I know in Texas you still have to evict (in small claims court) after the foreclosure process - which by the way can happen in 30 days here, and after leaving stuff outside on the front lawn for 24 hours, you can sell or trash whatever they left behind. Sometimes some really valuable furniture is left.

Maybe that is where all the stuff in “Texas Storage Wars” series comes from!!!

Most guys I know just put it in storge for xxx days per the state statues and let it sit until it is sold legally for storage fees.

Have seen lots and lots of JUNK left but very little of any value.