GHETTO AREA I mean high crime

I just bought a house in the ghetto a very high crime area. The people keep breaking into it and living there. the house keeps getting boarded up.

Question: Any ideas on how i can improve the area?

Remove the wood, replace any broken glass in the windows with glued in plexiglass (Lowes cuts it cheap), install burglar bars on the windows AND doors - and that will keep 90% of the bad guys out. Having a property that’s boarded up attracts the homeless, et al, as they think it’s an abandoned property…which it is…or vacant anyway.


  • Keep the electricity on
  • Rent the place out, so its occupied
  • Get a monitored alarm system
  • Get a big dog
  • Fence the yard
  • Leave porch lights on
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Install a guard light
  • Put a dummy car in the driveway so it looks like someone lives there

There are a zillion things you can do besides those things above. Good luck!

Why on earth would you buy a house in a location like that??

Sit inside your house at night with a shotgun and handgun of your choice. Start picking them off one by one as they come in at night. Eventually you’ll clean up the area by getting rid of low-lifes who can’t obey the law and stay out of other people’s property.

He’s only kidding…do NOT do this.


Because it can probably be purchased for $5k (wholesale) and rented for $600 a month. =)

There are literally deals like that in Fair Park in Dallas, though I don’t do rentals in that area…as it is a serious crack infested, war zone, crip & blood haven, ultra ghetto area. It’s not just bad, but SUPER BAD. LOL!

In Texas, you COULD get away with that. A matter of fact I know someone who has done that (though he never caught anyone breaking in). And I would gladly shoot an intruder in one of my unrented rentals, if I caught him inside. You have to love T-E-X-A-S.

Have you thought about a house sitter? Or make friends with people in the area and pay them to keep an eye on the place.