Gettting Started

Hey everyone,

I’ve been reading through the forums and i’ve decided to start my investing through birddogging. I was hoping that I could get a few tips on how to go about getting started. I wanna start small and work my way up as I learn the ropes. Furthermore, I don’t have any money or credit to get started so I need to work on getting some capital built up. Any tips that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!


It takes money to make money. You will want to invest not only your time in reading the forums here but also purchasing some books, cd’s and other information that pertain to birddogging to help educate you on the process. You can’t expect anyone here to just give you all that you need to know. There is just too much to learn to put that in a discussion forum. You just need to get busy and think outside the box. God Bless! Sheila

There are some investors who realize the value of training birddogs to find deals. A birddog usually only gets $500 - $1000 per deal they find. And it’s not that easy to find deals.

Check with local investors, you may find some that are willing to train you to find deals for them.