Getting Your Foot In The Door Of Preforeclosed Homeowners

This can be vary frustating for most investors simply because of “FEAR”.

“FEAR” has been the most prevalent factor in life that has kept many investors from being successful.
“FEAR” of the unknown!
“FEAR” of rejection!
“FEAR” of doors being slammed!
“FEAR” of what your customer may say!

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Many investors believe that successful investors are simply in the right place, at the right time and their is some truth to this but the fact remains to be a success in this game one needs the proper mix of:

Luck + knowledge + compassion + skill = success

Getting your foot in the door of a foreclosure prospect reaches beyond what most of us have been taught in seminars, books and tapes. It boils down to an attitude, a state of mind, emotion and a person of action.

It takes courage, creativity and consistency to walk up to someone’s front door and knock!

Courage is simply the ability to acknowledge one’s fear and to simply do or should I say walk past the fear and become a person of action.

The “Have-Nots”: What fear has to offer!

Fear of the Unknown
Lack of Education
Poor Self Control
Fear of Success
World of Scarcity
Low self-esteem

The “Haves”: Overcoming fear offers!


Your most powerful weapon against fear is to simply take action. Action is “Knowledge” with knowledge of foreclosure and the foreclosure process along with the understanding how foreclosure will affect your customers future you will gain a greater understanding of your customers needs and situation.

Your next step in this is “Creativity” this is an art, a skill or as some put it “Quick on your toes”. Getting your foot in the door of a preforeclosed homeowner is all about trusting your creativity. Most successful investors trust their intuition, that inner knowing or that small still voice to lead them through the door of the unknown.

You must be willing to explore the unknown, you must be willing to face rejection, doors being slammed, what the customer may say to you and when you become a person of action the magic of a doer takes over and success will be knocking at your door.

Success is often the result of tiny little actions. It’s called “Consistency” consistency is simply the result of taking actions on a daily basis of putting together your list of potential customers, by getting in your car, by driving neighborhoods of potential deals and most importantly getting out of your car and knocking on ones door and offering your services!

When you have all the above in place you will have more opportunity to be creative and walk in courage!

The art of the deal is not profit, but knowing you provide a service that provides help a way out for the homeowner that is facing foreclosure.

When your focus is off profit and on providing help to homeowners profit will come!