Getting Started

Hello, I’m new to REI and wanted to know if you could give me some advice regarding lenders. Since I’m new to the business, I think its best that I start with Rental properties. I interesten in purchasing two Condos in a High Crime area and renting them for cash flow. The cost of each is around 25000, and my credit isn’t all that Great. I have some slow pays on credit cards and a car I’m still paying for. We just refinanced our home to get out of a ARM, which was stupid, but that was before I knew better. Anyway, I’m about to apply with a Bank to determine what I qualify for. Two questions:

 Is rental for cash flow best to start wiht and If declined, where can I find lender or hard money work with me in the purchase.

What state are you in? I can’t imagine paying $25k a unit in the ghetto.

Hard money is not for rentals, the points and the interest rate will kill your cash flow.

I’m in texas, maybe it’s not the ghetto, but it is grimey. In the DFW area.

What are the monthly rents? They should be at least $500/mo to ensure positive cashflow.

The monthly rent is 580 - 600. You have really answered my question. Thanks for responding. This my first investment and I need the help I can get.

Please slow down and educate yourself before you purchase anything anywhere…