getting started

I’m very determined to get my business started but i need help I want to purchase at least 4 properties in the next 6-8 months. But I need help finding them and finding the finance for them. The first 2 I want to rehb and sell for retail and the next two I want to keep and lease out can someone give me the information I need to start this process any investor out there in the Houston or Austin area. Want to us hardmoney loans for the first 2

Bryon Swisher

Howdy Determined:

Getting harder to get started. Hard money lenders want some money out of pocket and better and better credit with more experience. I listened to ones guidelines and told them that if I met all those requirements I would get a 30 year fixed loan conventionally. It may be good to start with a partner or mentor that knows the ropes. I have not found a deal in Austin in over a year but I do not look hard enough either. Need more networking and bandit signs and leads finding me.

yes I’m finding out I spoke to a whole seller today and he wanted the same thing so i’m looking for a mentor someone who has capital or something but i refuse to give up come to far ask to meany question something is going to come from this but thanks for the advice good luck to you