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I’m eager to get started in investing. A little about me I’m 25, live in las vegas, have like no money, poor credit(paying for mistakes at a younger age) I’m trying to get into something I would like to do for a business. Thank you in advanced for any help from anyone.

Welcome :slight_smile:
I am pretty new to this too, and very motivated like yourself. I wanted to respond to your message for this reason:
I was on the other day and ran across this company- American Equity Corporation. ( They have an associate program where they are trying to find beginning affilliates. They are based right there in Vegas. I am not sure if they need people there, but you could sure call then and see what info they could give you. I am thinking about giving them a try, supposedly they need someone in Atlanta. Check them out and see what you can find out, and if you don’t mind, let me know also!
Hope this helps!!
In the meantime, go to your left and click on every possible link you can find and learn everything you can about investing. There is a wealth of information and a ton of very knowledgeable/seasoned investors here that can help you out with most, if not all, of your questions. Good Luck!! :smiley:

:i like yourself is getting re started in the real estate market but i need a swift kickor a new buddy to egg me on. not a babysitter mind you just a fellow whom would understand the ups and downs of thbiz :

Hello, the first thing you might wanna do is read read and read some more. This website has great articles and free ebooks for investing. The two fastest ways to get started are by either bird dogging, and contract assigning. David Conti and Peter Finkle have a great ebook for free in, its called multiple streams of income.

Hope ive helped and Good Luck,

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David Albert

I’ve been doing RE investing for the last 4 years and have acquired 20 units; 7 duplexes, and 6 houses. The last five deals didn’t cost me a thing, except to record the contract with the county, doing contract for deeds (Take over payments) No credit check, no closing costs, no real estate agent, or loan officer needed, only a notary.

There’s allot of good deals out there, if you get to know the right people.

If you need some direction or advice… Read as much as you can get you hands on, I’m not saying spend $5k on a seminar, read the book, you should get much more valuable information from the book.

Carlton Sheets offers his course for $9 for 30 days, and send it back.

I know that one can be inundated with information overload, but take it in as best you can, and after about 90 days of study, you should be prepared to locate your first property, but it won;t be the first property you look at…

Good Luck!

Just give me a shout if you have a question.


I am also just getting starting in the investment business, that was a good idea that Kirk gave! I have read most of the books on no money down purchase but I still have some problems with how to get started and how to purchase the forms that are needed to put in play. I am in the Atlanta area, and I know that there are a lot of properties out here!

I too am new to this, but I do know that Carleton Sheet’s course has an excellent real estate forms portfolio that comes with it. I was skeptical when I saw his informercials on TV, so I decided to check out ebay to see if they had any “deals” on no money down instruction and guess what…I only paid $10 for the course. It cost $10 to ship all of it, but it was well worth the $20 total I spent on it. I’ve seen on ebay the computer tookit cd that also has the software for your computer…computing cash flow, tracking properties, etc. It is worth having also. Hope this helps!!! :wink:

Hi Beaver,

I just tried to get that free ebook you mentioned, I got the email conformation but no way to download… So I checked around there support site and found a few other poeple are having the same issue…since Feb. Is this a scam?.. I notice before I could place my order they needed my full name and address… Am I now going to get bombed with spam? How did you get your book? Did you have the same issues??

Thanks for that information and I actually have download that ebook, multiple streams of income with no money down and did not have any problems, I even printed it out. But I have a buyer who has got approved for 125k loan and wanted me to help them find something. I have seen a couple of foreclosure homes, can you advise me on how I can jump on this and not use any of my money and use the buyers money.

The free ebook link is not a scam. There are 15 folks who download it successfully each day. However, we are aware some folks are having issues. I, myself, tested the process on Tuesday this week and had the ebook within 5 minutes. Their webmaster also tested it and also had no problems. We’re working with them to try and isolate whatever is causing the problem for some folks, but so far, we haven’t been able to do that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I wholeheartedly second Tim’s response (not that he really needs the help!)…this is a VERY upfront and honest site. They work REALLY hard to insure that the rules are followed and that there are no “scams”…

Its been a while but I successfully downloaded it the first try…remember that you are at the mercy of the “vile data gods” when you use the internet (I’m a phone system tech and data folks are PURE EVIL!)…just kidding but ANYTHING can happen during the course of a data transfer, especially a large one It only takes a few missing data packets to ‘muck’ up the whole file!


I was alerted to this thread by management within the team. I am the webmaster for Peter and David (and others) and may be able to shed some light on the “Multiple Streams of Income” download scenario. I will outline the steps here, feel free to post if there are continued questions.

Let me say that I recently went through the process using to make sure that all processes were correctly in place, and I assure you they are. The link I used was…

1.) You will be directed to a form on our site that requires you to input your contact information. Please know that your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we do not share or sell your information.

  1. ) You will recieve a confirmation / invoice email from our “Order Confirmation Center” that email will be from investortips (please don’t reply). This is a ZERO cost invoice and used for your and our tracking purposes only.

3.) Within a day (usually, my last attempt required 24 hours…be patient we’re only human) you will receive another email from investortips with the subject “Multiple Streams of Income Ebook.”

4.) In the “Ebook” email there is link about half way down the page that reads “To download your ebook simply, go here.” The ‘go here’ is a link to our site where you will select another link, near the top of the page, to begin the ebook download, it is in .pdf format.

5.) Read the book, invest, build wealth and contribute to the forum regularly to help others. (don’t forget to stop by our site from time to time too). :wink:

A few things to remember…

If you are not receiving the emails I mentioned above, please check your email client spam filter and make sure that email from our is being accepted. Be sure that you accurately input your email address into our forms when registering. Also, please read the emails we send to you, there are many offers and instructions in these emails (with the exception of the confirmation email, I’m working on getting that changed.) :slight_smile:

The scam question is one that rears it’s head a lot in this business. Rest assured that we are not data farmers, nor is this a new venture for our team. Peter and David are active investors and have been for over 10 years. Believe me when I say that your success reflects greatly on their products and this fact is not lost on either of them.

Please post any questions related to this here and I will be happy to address them, time permitting.

Best of luck with your investing!

Brian - Webmaster

My humble apologies… :-X

I did not wait for Step 3.

3.) Within a day (usually, my last attempt required 24 hours…be patient we’re only human) you will receive another email from investortips with the subject "Multiple Streams of Income Ebook

I thought it was an instant download… I will check my email when I get home… :-[

Thanks for the information. I got my downloaded copy right away, I will try to start reading it tonight. Thanks again.


when I got home the link was in my mailbox waiting… All is good

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D ;D

Beg, borrow or smash the kids piggy bank to come up with the money to spend an hour or so with a competant Real Estate attorney who is ALSO AN INVESTOR. Have him create the Purchase and Sale agreements you need and consult with him on contingency clauses that will let you escape the deal if it’s not going your way or you get scared and need to back out to regroup your thoughts.

Armed with a good P&S contract, go make offers until you get writer’s cramp and a sore throat from talking to so many people.