getting started

:slight_smile: I 've been reading about investing and reading the different forums, For about a year and half. Finding a lender was a issue to start with and not finding motivated sellers. >:( What I’m getting to is do you need a lot of money, time, or credit? Is it actually possible to succed with time alone being that I’m short on the other 2. Just looking for some direction and information. Thanks 8)

Hi absorbent, I’m new to investing also. I haven’t been reading and learning for as long as you have, but this forum has alot of information for us newbies. There are many posts on here that answers your question. My favorite post says to learn as much as possible reading posts and books, but the best way to learn after that is to just start. Don’t sit year after year without at least trying to make a deal. This is why I am starting to send out letters and postcards to potential sellers.
Remember, you want to control the properties, not neccessarily “buy” them right now. This method requires no or very little money to start. Keep reading, I’m sure you’ll find more information on how to do this. There is a book I’d like to recommend because I find it very informative. The book is “How to be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire” by Ron Legrand. I find this author to be GREAT. He also has a website I use. He has free articles on this site as well. See the section entitled “Freebies” (I think that’s the one). Hope this helps a little.

Good luck!

cjterry_nc, thanks for the info I just checked that site out thanks again. I’m stepping out 8)