getting started

To anyone who has a moment to spare. I am just begining in this business. My boss has autherized me a spending limit of about (2) MIllion dollars. He would like me to buy foreclosed or distresses porperties and deals where ever I can find them, my only concern is where to start. I know where the farm area will be but I don’t know what I should do first.

If anyone could help that would be great.

What are your farm areas… what is you boss’s criteria, what will be YOUR job in all of this… and do you have any experience in making these kind of things happed ?? You asked a very broad question that has so many answers… How do you fiond the homes ? Ads in papers, bandit signs, foreclosure listings, fliers, website, word of mouth, dividers in grocery store4s… ect ect. Too broad a question… WHat area are you in, what kind of homes and in what price range are you looking for … rehabs ? Pretty house deals ? Rentals… the more you let us know the better answers you will get.

Hope this helps

Heather Zaal


With all due respect, why has your boss given you a 2 million dollar budget if you don’t know what to do with the money? Talk about the blind leading the blind.

My advice is take part of that 2 million and invest in your education before you lose it all.

There’s a saying in the stock market…“how do you make a million dollars trading stocks…start with 2 million.” Don’t let that happen to you. Please, get some education.

Amen! (nt)

Hi everyone reading peace and blessing be upon you all.
I am a new real estate investor .(again)
I have had carlton sheet course for to 4years .
I aquired It because I had to move to another apt .
I had done a deal with carltons course I had purchase a 2 family detach home .
I had almost (not good enough ) almost got the house ,nice mortgage and everything was in place no money down, except for the binder fee.
I had to put up! What happen was rent was due before closing of the home and the nasty landlord I had already had taken us to court( to get us kicked in the street ,a pastor at that just because the building was next to the church and he wanted it damn human being,man that was a trip).Then I chicken out of the realestate business(crazy Me)
I had to pay that man my money.
I lost hope of doing realestate investing (chicken out)because I wanted to work for other people I guess( how crazy is that? ???) So my realestate brothers and sisters I need some help sorry this was so Long(violins ;D)
I need the some scripts that might have help you your first time around.
Now that I am unemployed and credit is now bad (guess why,lolo )
I am back in realestate to stay the gloves are off.
I just need to get my words to the seller right ( what ever that is ???) can You help with any help suggestion etc.
Thank you for your time and Patience ,God Bless,