Getting Started

I am just beginning in real estate investing and was looking for advice to get started. I am open to all options and was wondering if anyone could help me get going in the right direction. Ultimately, I would like to fix up and sell rehabs while building a portfolio of multi-family houses. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Right now I am looking into rehabs and foreclosures, however, if someone has better advice or ideas i would definitly like to hear them. Thanks for the help!


ps. I currently live in New England and was also wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I could go about finding a mentor to learn the ropes… More than willing to devote my free time to learn

You need to follow the link at the home page here to find a real estate club near you. Attend that club. Get to know other investors. Not all, but many successful investors will help answer questions. Get an education buy taking courses.

Without knowing your situation(cash credit ability experiences) it would be ludicrous to advise you on the best way to get started or proceed.