Getting Started with Direct Mail

Hi Everyone,

Was hoping for some opinions from people with experience using direct mail.

  1. Are you using letters or postcards or a mix of both?
  2. How often and how many times are you hitting the same houses. For example a list of 1000 houses, mailed to once a month for 5 months?
  3. Are you varying what is mailed to them each time, either the type of mail or the actual content?


I don’t do direct mail as much as I used to but always liked the strategy of branded + non-branded. Meaning a postcard that is super nice and professional looking with logo and everything. followed by a standard yellow letter that is handwritten or ordered from a letter service company. I never found any magic sauce but I recommend measuring everything so you know when to pivot!

Getting Your Message & Presentation Right. The message need to appeal to the audience. The needs and the desires are different, and so your message should be different too. It is important to discuss in the body of the message how you can assist in solving their problem. You have to be a problem solver.

This makes sense, I think the branded postcard establishes credibility while they yellow letter is personal. Thanks for the advice!