Getting started in this business...

Hey everyone, I’m just getting started in the real estate business down in south florida. Are there any investors out there doing deals in the west palm to ft lauderdale areas ?


Ryan Oblander

there is a guy called preston ely…(i’m not pushing his stuff), and i am thinking about buying his ebook. He focuses soley on wholesaleling. He is in the Tampa area and from what i hear and read he is doing very very well. It doesn’t hurt that he is a tremendous marketer. Anyways, it is pretty affordable…only like $49.00…i havn’t purchased it yet, but i will soon. Anyways hope that helps.


1 first post + 1 first post = $49.00

John $Cash$ Locke


Yip, how ironic is that? Read between the lines judf and you’ll notice a marketing blunder most likely from the subject in question.

a set-up by the same person???

man that sucksss

I guess I am really slow…I really do not know where this post is going. I just offered some info that I came across.