Getting Started In REI, I have a Question, Please Help!

I am new to Real Estate Investing. I’ve been researching about Wholesaling for the past few months. I haven’t actually started yet because I want to join a REI Club to build up my buyers list before I begin. My question to anyone out there who is a seasoned Investor or has knowledge, do I need to have a registered business name, DBA or LLC to get started in REInvesting? I don’t have a mentor yet to ask my questions because of the cost so I’m trying to start with Wholesaling first.

Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Joyce :help


No, you don’t need a business name, LLC, or any other entity to do REI. I use entities primarily for asset protection, but you may not need this until you have some assets to protect.

Good Luck,


Thanks Mike I appreciate your response. I want to create a web site and use business cards. I came up with a name to use and was not sure if I needed to register a trade name since I will be primarily focusing on wholesale. I’m trying to get established so when I respond to buyers and sellers, they see me as a professional Real Estate Investor.

Any additonal advice I can get would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again Mike. :smile