Getting Seller's mortgage information

What is the best way to get a seller’s mortgage information on their property?

If I were to talk to a seller and they didn’t want to give me that information and won’t sign a release form for me to contact their bank either, is there another source or am I stuck at a dead-end and just move on?

You could go down to the courthouse and see if you can find the actual mortgage on the property…What State are you in?

Some have very up-to-date systems that you could find the information you are looking for. Usually for a small or no fee.

I live in the state of california.

Is this information from the courthouse something that might be available online at a County’s Assessors/Recorders department?

It may. Try this link;

Just select the County.

I checked out that link and it takes me to the County Tax Collector’s department. They only have tax information and nothing regarding the mortgage loan. Any other suggestions?

What County is it in?


go to the assessor’s site. click on left where says online official documents. Click on left again “official documents” click on Grantor/Grantee…enter info

Hi Mark,

I did as you said and I put in the name under “Grantor/Grantee” and it doesn’t show anything regarding the mortgage.

What is the street address/zip? you can email it off line if you wish

Sure, how do i contact you via e-mail offline?

You can click his e-mail button (envelope with a letter sticking out) or his IM button (green scroll) over on the left side of one of his message postings…