Getting REO List

Hello, I am a new investor who has been buying foreclosures at auction. I notice a lot go back to the bank, how do I contact them about purchasing those properties? I would like to buy multiple properties at once. I have the list of all the banks that bought back the properties so if anyone has advice how to get to the right person I would appreciate it.

Eventually the banks taking back the REO’s will list them for sale with a RE agent. However, if you know who the banks are then just call their customer service number and ask for their REO department.

Once it goes to the realtor I was under the impression that it was sold at retail value. I am looking for discounts. Also, I just call them and they will give the info, I heard it was much more difficult. Any advice would be appreciated.

Try writing them or faxing them. Call them and ask for the foreclosure/reo dept.

Has anyone had success in getting property directly from the bank before it goes to a broker? If yes, what was your approach?