getting property under contract and assigning

When I do that, does the end buyer ultimately have title and is on public record or am I? ( seller signs p&s and I assign with end buyer and they have title?)

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Yes they would have title…

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it depends…

in today’s market you are often required to close and then sell again…therefore sandwiching yourself onto title.

He / She will be the last name recorded but you will still be on there.

If you are just assigning, then no.

JS and MQ are right.

And it depends on what you wish to do. If you really dont’ want to be on tilte, just do the assignment.

You just want to be above board with the title company. Many times with assignments, they have their own CYA form that they need the seller to sign. Just get a copy of that and have the seller sign it as part of the paper work you’re getting them to sign anyway.

It ensures that the title company won’t balk at the deal at the last minute and ruin it for you as it does happens sometimes.


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Assigning contracts is great, I still don’t know what people do it seems a big waste of money, however the investor needs to know what their state laws are that govern the selling of a contract… I surely wouldn’t want anyone to take our advice and commit a crime…

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A contract gives you the legal right to sell your position in a deal…

that is what allows us to get paid and make a living in this business

the party that ultimately closes on the house is who will have title…