Getting Phone #'s from addresses??Reverse Directory?

i Have about 300-400 home addresses and I am trying to find the most effective way to get the phone #'s to contact the owners. Usually I just call 411 but I think that I need a better method, or something faster. SHould I obtain a reverse directory? GO to the county courthouse? Any suggestions?Thanks

If you have the addresses and there is a phone number in the directory, try this:

Use the “Address Lookup” function. It works for me here!

thanks ill try that method, Is it feasable to go to the county recorders and do it?

I’m sure, unless the owners have ‘walked away’ from the property that there should be some sort of contact number. Our on-line records here do.

Another good resource to use is It cost 25 cents a search, but well worth it. You could also try

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I have been using:

on this site you are able to do reverse phone searches as well as search by address.