Getting L/O tenants

I was wondering what the average time it takes to put a L/O tenant into a single family home (3 yr old 3/2/2 in Round Rock by Elementary school)? I have never done L/O’s - I usually look for fixers to resell - so before jumping in, I would like to get a better feel on what to expect. Any comments?

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That is a good question.

Hard to say. Two years ago I could fill ANY house in any location within a week. Now, in our current market, sometimes it will sell before I actually take possession, sometimes I hold it for a few months.

The longest I have held a house to date has been 6 months but I always hold out for the “right” person.

You should make a part of your due dilligence learning about the area you are considering buying in. How many homes for sale/rent? How much are they asking a month? How long is it taking to fill them? Seeing lots of for sale or for rent signs in the area should be a red flag for you.

My advice to you would be to figure 6 months in your holding costs. If you fill it sooner, great. If not, you have already factored it in so no big deal.

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I would also be trying to get the sellers to make the next 3 months of payments while you try to find a t/byer. You may not get the full 3 months, but even if they only agree to one month that’s one less payment you have to make.

Lots of “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs, a red flag?


That’s pretty much all of Austin right now, my friend.

Stacy -
The house that I had in mind is a HUD foreclosure, so unfortunately I can’t ask for any payments to be made for me. They aren’t really good at negotiating either - I suppose the government is never motivated!

I’m thinking I will let this one go - unless it drops in price next week…we shall see.

Thank you for your responses - it always helps!


…just speaking for my area as far as what I look for in the way of red flags.


I was just giving you a hard time. :slight_smile:

Let me know when you’re in Austin next and I’ll buy you lunch.

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