Getting comps from a realtor on an unlisted property

I’ve read the advice on here about forming a relationship with a realtor and asking if they’ll do comps from time to time on distressed houses that I locate on my own. But my concern is, won’t the realtor try to do an end run around me and try to list the house once they learn about it? Or am I being paranoid?

In forming your relationship you should make them understand that you will be loyal to them.You may offer to list with them when you resale or exclusivley recomend them to the numerous listing opportinities you encounter.Realtors work well when they can benifit,don’t plan on many favors,cause how willing would you be to do something that was’nt gonna pay you?Most of them I deal with are cool with whatever I need,but I do return the favor.I’ve taken them to lunch,look at ran down property for them,just small moves will go a long way.Hope this helps,good luck.

Thanks for the advice–I know it’ll have to be a give and take.