Getting buyers in a new market

What are some ways to locate buyers when moving into a new market ? I have been posting ads online but not getting any response to them…what other ways can I locate buyers?

If you are looking for buyers who are moving into an area, check with local firms that handle relocation. Some community service organizations may put together information packages for new residents. This may open up an advertising opportunity. You can also check with property management companies that handle short term rentals. You could also target for rent properties and contact the new tenants.

I target landlords as my cash buyers, and structure my deals accordingly. If I were to move to a new area, I’d simply find a deal, and contact a local property management firm. They manage properties for landlords, and therefore have a built in buyers list. Explain to them that if they were to sell the property to one of their clients, that client would then pay them to manage it. It’s a win-win-win.