getting around Realtors

Newbie here,If a Realtor is not responding to any of your calls or emails ,how do i get around them and contact seller. Is this legal,since the Realtor is not seeming to cooperate (fuiduciary to seller right?). I love this forum.


Call the realtors office and ask to talk to the agency broker! Tell the broker what's happened and that you would like to see or make an offer on such and such property which the agent is not performing on! 


Get your own agent and see / write offer and make sure your agent goes to the broker if she can’t get response from the agent your having problems with!


In general realtors are housewives that want to earn a little money. They have no idea how to make money in real estate and don’t understand business. If most of them realize that you are an investor they will not want to deal with you because they are afraid that they will get in over their heads quickly. I use an investor grade realtor for situations like this.

If you are unable to reach a realtor you have several options. The first option is to contact the managing broker of the agent. If the managing broker is unable to provide you with any additional assistance, the next step would be to contact the seller directly if you have the contact information for the seller. However, legally the seller must work through the realtor if there is a listing agreement in place. If you bypass the realtor the seller may still be liable for any fees due to the realtor.

Can you go around the agent? Yes, you certainly COULD call the seller directly. Lot of good it will due because they are legally obligated by their listing agreement to work with that agent or at the very least pay them a commission so you won’t get them out of the transaction completely. I agree that calling the broker will certainly help shake their tree some. If the number you’re calling is their office number see if the receptionist/broker can give you a cell number you can try.

Agents by and large are IDIOTS. In very few other fields is the hiring process the same as it is with agents. Brokers take on as many as they can get many times because of course it costs nothing to have more agents (they don’t pay them) and the more people getting listings the better chance they will get a cut of some commission. Can you imagine how screwed up Walmart would be (worse than usual) if EVERYONE that came in the door looking for a job got one? The business boils down to everyone that walks in gets a job and the ones that suck wash out of the market when the realize they can’t hack it. So there’s a lot of crap agents out there. My aunt is buying a house now and her agent (who’s been licensed for 15 years) told her she didn’t need an inspection, thought it was insane to go back to the negotiating table after the inspect looking for concessions for major electrical issues (she said “just like my husband and I did when we bought our house we just fixed everything that was wrong once we owned it, we didn’t inspect or bargain the price down”) and failed to return my aunt’s calls when she had a 3 day window post-inspection to rescind and caused her to miss her option to rescind. Just keep on these clowns and go after them until they give you what you want. Most aren’t qualified to be Walmart greeters never mind be involved in 6 figure transactions so have fun out there!